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5 steps to ordering your wedding cake

One of the questions I get asked most often when people first get in touch with me is 'what is the process of ordering a wedding cake?' There are so many elements involved in planning a wedding, and when you are dealing with so many different suppliers with different time scales, systems and processes it can get a bit confusing. I want you to find the experience of ordering your wedding cake as fun and simple as possible, so with this blog post I am going to walk you through my process so you can clearly see what steps we will go through to create your dream cake.

1. Check if I'm available

Hooray! You're engaged! I am so excited for you, and I can't wait to hear all about your plans. Before contacting me about ordering your wedding cake, there are a few parts of the planning process that should already be in place. The first is your date, and the second is your venue. When you have these you are able to complete my enquiry form. When I know your date and wedding location, I can let you know if I am available. I will also ask you for some ideas of the type of wedding cake design you are looking for. Don't worry if you aren't 100% sure (that's what our design process is for!) but it's important that we are both on the same page in terms of style.

Red rose wedding cake
C&C Imagery

2. Quote and booking

Whoop! I am available and we are great fit style-wise. I would love to start you on the next step towards ordering your wedding cake and get you booked in! Once you have given me some more information about your cake, including the number of guests and design style, I can work out approximately how much your cake will cost. This quote is approximate as we will confirm the final price of your cake after it is designed.

If you are happy with these estimates and would like me to be your cake maker, it is time for us to get you booked in. In order to secure your date I charge a £100 non-refundable booking fee. This fee covers all my consultation time and design work and confirms me as your cake maker for your wedding day.

Rustic buttercream wedding cake
Holly Smith Weddings

3. Designing your wedding cake

Once you are booked in, the next step in ordering your wedding cake is to meet via Zoom to discuss your cake in detail. This will be our chance to get to know one another a bit better, allowing me to get a real sense of you as a couple and the kind of cake you would like for your big day. When we have this meeting will depend a little on how far away we are from your wedding date, but is usually around 4-6 months before your wedding.

After we have met, I will pull all our ideas together to create your bespoke wedding cake design. This will be available within 2 weeks of our consultation, but is often much sooner than this. After this point I will make any changes that you would like and then we will confirm the final design. The final price for your cake will also be agreed at this stage.

You can read more about the design process here.

White rose wedding cake
Geraint Roberts

4. Choosing your flavours

In order to help you make a decision on your cake flavours, I offer tasting boxes that include my top 5 most popular flavours. I offer my tasting boxes 4 times a year and will send one out to you at the earliest date possible after you have paid your booking fee. I offer a larger menu than these 5 flavours, but do not include these in the tasting boxes.

Wedding cake slice
Chole Martin Photography

5. Final steps

Once your design has been finalised and you have chosen your flavours, all that is left is for you to pay the remaining cost of the cake 28 days before the wedding date.

I will liaise with your venue to arrange delivery and will set up your cake on the morning of the wedding. I will provide your venue with clear instructions for how to cut the cake.

All that is left is for you and your guests to enjoy our creation!

Cutting the wedding cake
Sharron Gibson Photographer

I hope you have found this summary helpful. If you have any more questions, I'm at the end of the phone or email. And of course, if you are looking for a wedding cake designer in London, Surrey or surrounding areas then let's start the process of ordering your wedding cake by completing my enquiry form now!

Thanks so much for reading and I can't wait to hear from you!

Charlotte x

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