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Every couple I meet has a story to tell, and I am always ready to be captivated. There's nothing I love more than sitting down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake and hearing about the joyous journeys you have been on together.


 I believe that it is my role as your cake maker to capture those stories and weave them into the fabric of your wedding cake design. My consultation and design process has been created to help me listen, understand and absorb both the quiet moments and life changing experiences that you have enjoyed together and then spin them into sugar.

Wedding cake design sketch
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Ahead of your cake consultation, I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire which will help me get to know you both as a couple and be fully prepared for our meeting. I like to come with some initial thoughts, which will evolve as we get to understand what is most important to you for your wedding cake. 

We will then meet via Zoom at a time convenient for you where we will have a chance to talk through all your ideas as well as my initial thoughts. These meetings typically take 45 minutes to an hour. 


Putting ideas to paper

After our consultation I will take all of the information we have discussed and use it to draw out your wedding cake design. I aim to send designs to my couples within 4 weeks of our consultation, though it is often sooner than this as I am usually so excited to start working on it after we meet!

After I send you the draft design, we will typically have one or two more chats on the phone/via email to perfect it. 

Once finalised, I will send you an image of your completed cake design with all the details agreed, including flavours. 

FullSizeRender 9-2.jpg

The true artistry begins

The only thing left now is for me to gather all of the supplies I need to turn your cake from a drawing into a real life piece of edible art! 

If you have any last thoughts once the design is finalised, I can make changes up to four weeks before your wedding day. 

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