On this page you can find details of my favourite sponges to make. I have spent a lot of time perfecting my recipes to provide you with a truly delicious cake every time!

Can't find your favourite? No problem! If you have a different flavour in mind, just let me know and I am sure I will be able to help. 

All my cakes consist of four layers of sponge, sandwiched together with the filling if your choice. 

A true classic - who doesn't love vanilla? Always a crowd pleaser, I use the best vanilla extract and like to pair it with layers of delicate buttercream and raspberry or strawberry jam. 


A delicious twist on a classic vanilla sponge, made with whole fresh raspberries to give a gorgeous pop of pink and burst of raspberry flavour. One my all time favourites!


Made with fresh lemons to give a gorgeously light and zingy sponge. Perfect on a hot summers day, but also lovely as an uplifting accompaniment to a cup of tea on a chilly afternoon. 


A rich and decadent sponge made with top quality dark chocolate. A real treat for any occasion.


Whoever thought of grating carrot into a cake sponge was a genius. This warmly spiced sponge is so moist that it's only really suitable as a one tiered cake. Pair with cream cheese icing for the perfect afternoon treat. 


A sweet and moreish sponge, made with top quality coconut - no nasty flavourings here! One bite and you'll think you're on a desert island. 


Named for its bright red sponge that manages to be as smooth and luxurious as a pair of red velvet curtains at the same time as being beautifully light. Pair with cream cheese icing. 





Just as important as the sponge is your choice of filling and covering. All my cakes are made in four layers, which gives you three opportunities to fill your cake with something tasty!


You could go icing, icing, icing.

Or icing, jam, icing.

Or jam, icing, jam.

Hey, you could even go jam, jam, jam if you fancy!


There are lots of options for what to fill your cake with and they are all outlined below. 

The covering you choose for your cake can be the same as the filling or something different (although I've never covered a cake in jam before...). The covering will make a big difference to the look of your cake, so you should think about this at the same time as thinking about decorations:




A classic cake coating and filling. The base is made from the perfect mix of butter, icing sugar and milk to create a sweet, fluffy icing that will keep you coming back for more. 


Ganache is a scrumptious cake filling and covering made from chocolate and cream. It can be made with dark, milk or white chocolate and adds an extra richness to any cake.


A bit more unusual than American buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream is a delicious alternative that is a bit less sweet. It is made by first mixing a meringue base from egg whites and sugar and then beating in lots of wonderful butter. 


Otherwise known as roll out icing or fondant, sugar paste is the covering you might traditionally associate with a wedding or birthday cake. Sugarpaste is placed on top of a layer of buttercream or chocolate ganache. 


The traditional 

accompaniment to carrot and red velvet cakes, cream cheese icing has a tang that compliments the sponges beautifully.


An excellent way to get a stronger shot of flavour into your cake is to add a delicious jam or fruity curd. There are so many options, we can discuss what would go nicest with your sponge and icing when you get in touch!

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