How much will my cake cost?

My customers place value on the superior taste and design of a bespoke cake. 


 Bespoke wedding and celebration cakes take time and skill to create and this is reflected in the price. But more importantly, this is reflected in the high quality of the final product. 


There are lots of factors that go into costing up a cake, which I've summarised below. For this reason it's difficult to give a price list - every cake is different, so every cake has a slightly different price. 

However, as a guide I have outlined my starting prices below. 

Wedding cakes are usually (though not always) more complex in decoration than celebration cakes. Please get in touch to enquire about a quote for your wedding cake. 

Have a specific budget in mind? 

Whether you need to keep a tight hold on the purse strings or really want to push the boat out, I will always do my best to design a cake that fits within your budget where possible. Just let me know when you request a quote. 

Simple buttercream cakes



Hand crafted fondant decorations



Floral, sculpted and two tiered cake



Why is that the price? 

Untitled design-4.png


The ingredients that go into making your cake will affect the overall price. A vanilla sponge decorated with vanilla buttercream would be a bit cheaper than a chocolate cake coated in rich ganache.

Untitled design-3.png


Hopefully no surprises here! Obviously the bigger the cake the more ingredients and time needed, therefore the bigger the cost! Unless we're talking cupcakes, where a bigger order could mean a reduced price per cake. 


Depending on the complexity of the cake you would like me to make, I might need to spend a bit more time coming up with the right design or working out the best way to realise your vision. This will add a bit to the price. This is particularly true of wedding cakes. 

Untitled design.png


Decorations can have a big impact on the cost of a cake. Some decorations take quite a bit more time and skill to make than others, or may incur more ingredient costs. If you are flexible here, I can explain how some changes in the decorations could increase/reduce the overall price of the cake when you get your quote.